I learned programming while attending UC San Diego, and while a graphic artist by trade I do enjoy programming as a side hobby.

The OpenGL programming API (shown above as a testing app) was a way for me to learn OpenGL under the Xojo programming language, and as a person interested in graphics it was a perfect way to marry two passions. Not to say that learning it was easy: I'm still very much a student in the art of OpenGL use.

The set of APIs I've written has progressed to the point where it has been used for commercial scientific apps.

I'm curious: what's in it?

Here's a quick but by no means comprehensive rundown:

  • OpenGL 3.X+ core support.
  • OS X and Windows cross-platform.
  • Full vector, quaternion, and matrix math libraries.
  • A large suite of intersection test functions.
  • Import using the ASSIMP library.
  • Multiple sub-cameras within a context, and multiple contexts in a Window.