I am a freelance graphic artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I first got into the field working in daily newspapers. I also was fortunate enough in college to have hit the desktop publishing revolution right at the start, so I have a working understanding of both traditional and digital forms of publishing.

What working in newspapers did is hone my skills towards fast turnaround. Many of the examples shown here were done in in a few days, and I can even work under a deadline of hours when needed.

I also have a background in programming, which also helps me to think both artistically and analytically when solving problems, be it art or otherwise.

So, what can I help you with? Let's talk!

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• Adobe Photoshop: 20+ years

• Adobe Illustrator: 20+ years

• Adobe After Effects: 20+ years

• Strata Design 3D: 20+ years

• Adobe InDesign: 10+ years

• Autodesk Maya: 4 years

Knowledgeable in C++, HTML, ASP, OpenGL, Xojo BASIC.


Freelancer: 2002-Present

CNET Art Director for News.com division: 1997-2002

Game Reviewer, The Oakland Tribune Newspaper: 1996-1997

Graphic Designer, The Oakland Tribune Newspaper: 1992-1997

Graphic Designer, Stockton Record Newspaper: 1991-1992

Art Director, UC San Diego Newspaper: 1990-1991